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Ambidextrous Brain. | Visual Communicator. | Digital Strategist.

Huanchao Tang

Ambidextrous Brain | Visual Communicator | Digital Strategist


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Huanchao is an Ambidextrous Brain, not because he is a Gemini. Divergent and linear thinker. Arts and science nerd. Idealistic pragmatist. He is trying to find the potential himself. As a 26-year old homo sapien on this planet, he chose sound and light as his toys. Peripatetic living since 2009. Storyteller by brain and heart. Social psychology buff having an affair with design. Devout believer in hard work.

He plays guitar, lifts weights, and loves craftsmanship.


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Digital Strategy

Honestly, anything can go digital. From wearable technology to Facebook feeds, we have to admit those things have changed our behaviors. Our lives have been fully merged into a digital world. I understand technology,innovation, experience navigation, and new media opportunities. I’m able to craft around the user experience response to sound, sight, motion and data visualization.

Graphic Design

Let us face it: most people prefer image. I just love playing around typeface, space, color,and picture. Those things can tell a spectacular story as well as solve tough communication problem. So,let me just infuse your ideas into a simple yet power graphic.

Project Management

Personally, I am not a fan of those so-called multitaskers. A critical thing for me to put a big project in motion is concentration. From planning to optimization, I focus on every detail on each phase. Of course, time is of essential. I will not allow missing one single piece of project, ever.


Like this website you are at. Yes, I do coding. And, yes, I do not have computer science background. Wait, I put my first computer together by myself when I was nine. It should count. I am able to nudge around codes to optimize the structure of a site.

UI/UX Development

What is UI/UX? Everyone is talking about it. OK, everything has to be user-friendly. I bet you are more likely to talk and interact with ones who have good personalities. So as you are with a digital platform. I am able to help a team develop interface with great personality that can be easy to get along with.

Content Management

I know content is king. Based on the high-level strategic framework, I will develop the voice for all aspects of a brand’s online and offline presence.In addition to writing, editing, and proofreading content, I am able to work with the technical team to maintain contents with regard to user experience development.

I'm currently available for full-time work.

Made in China, Polished in the U.S.A

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My education and experience.



Master of Arts in Advertising and Digital Engagement, GPA:3.80

Syracuse University

2013 - 2014


Bachelor of Arts in Communication with minor in Psychology, GPA:3.81

The University of Toledo

2009 - 2012


Shopper Marketing Planner

I participated in high-level shopper strategy development to support Y&R Labstore global network through shopper data analysis, retail exploring, insight digging, and trend spotting. I nudged data,statistics and observations to catchy stories that can help creative team cultivate activations.

Y&R Labstore

2014 - 2015

Creative Strategist

I ran the non-profit agency for Truth anti-smoking campaign. By conducting qualitative and quantitative research, I developed digital engagement strategy that helped creative team process creative ideas.

Metis Agency


Brand Strategist

I developed branding strategic framework for a French luxury silk brand from logo creating to brand image building.

Creative Capital


Associate Project Manager

I assisted a senior project manager on B2B marketing campaigns. I served clients including BASF, MTS, TI Automobile, Blair Rubber, and Hyload.

Communica Inc.



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